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Not Suitable for Family Viewing

Author: Vicki Grant

ISBN: 9781554681808
Pages: 289
Description: Robin has everything a girl could want. Thanks to her mother—the internationally beloved talk show host Mimi Schwartz—Robin’s got the money, the means and the connections to make even her wildest dreams come true. So why, then, does she choose to sit alone in a dark room watching endless reruns of you, you and Mimi?

Don’t ask Robin. She doesn’t know—not, at least, until the bizarre discovery of an old high-school ring propels her to ditch New York for a tiny Nova Scotian fishing village. In her quest to solve the mystery behind the ring’s origin, Robin finds more than a renewed joie de vivre. She discovers love, the truth of her own background— and the shocking secret that helped make her mother a star.
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