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The Winner

Author: David Baldacci

ISBN: 9781538711798
Pages: 560
Description: The Winner – not!
I had seen the name many times, but had never read anything by David Baldacci until last week. That Baldacci is a prolific writer is evinced in any airport book store. I was expecting something light and easy like Grisham, but it was a whole lot worse.
The two main characters, LuAnn Tyler, and Jackson, are completely implausible, and at times self-contradictory. Jackson was supposed to be ‘terrifying’, we were told so repeatedly, but he was laughable at best. Baldacci also repeatedly tells us how beautiful and sexy LuAnn Tyler is. In fact, she is quite remarkable. Not only is she drop dead gorgeous, but she can lay a man out with one punch and split firewood faster, and for longer than, a seasoned groundsman can. Whew! That’s really hot!
Most of the supporting characters are cliché. Some of that I can forgive, even from a best-selling author, but that was not the worst of it.
The 513 pages of repetitive narrative in a hick voice is hard to not put down as the boredom sets in. Sentence structure at times is abominable. More than once, I had to stop and check that I had read a sentence correctly, and had not drifted off and slipped into autopilot.
The rice-paper plot limps along towards a predictable, melodramatic, one-woman-army ending after which they all live happily ever after.
It will be a long time before I open another Baldacci novel.

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