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Title: Secrets of the Werebears

Author: Sky Shifter

Pages: 163
Description: ***A new full-length series from the bestselling author of shifter romance***
Secrets of the Werebears Series Book 1 (Contains mature language and content intended for 18+)

Molly Fisher is as sweet as she sounds, the darling of her small town in steamy Louisiana. But sweet gets boring without some spice added to the mix.
Her prayers seem answered when a tall, dark shadow falls across her desk. Asa Harding is unlike anyone she’s ever met, if only Molly’s new co-worker could see beyond her sweet exterior.
Rumours abound of bear sightings, but Molly’s too busy masking her feelings to think about a roaming grizzly. Turns out, Asa has secrets of his own.
Will the truth be too much for Molly? Or will sweet Miss Fisher prove that appearances are rarely what they seem?
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