Il giorno che dà senso a tutti gli altri

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Author: Kate le Vann

ISBN: 9780670881383
Description: Trailers is about Grace who suffers from a walking disability. It follows her time at Uni while flicking back to life after. It shows her feelings of doubt and insecurity (some because of her disability but many that we all would encounter) as well as the relationships – an almost love hate relationship with Findlay who is besotted with her, but she doesn’t want him but doesn’t want him to go off her either.

There are funny little quirks that we can all relate to: * Looking in the mirror before a night out and feeling really good about yourself and then it all disappearing as soon as you get out.
* When people say call me – not having the confidence to know if they actually mean it.
* Being over confident in a small group of people but when you suddenly get left with just one person in a room feeling panic setting in.

Another couple of great quotes: “Do you think we actually ever stop wanting to get on with our lives and actually start getting on with them?”

…”When I did go into the faculty building I lurked in corners or sat at the back with a crossword, trying to look like I didn’t mind being alone. The trouble was I was very shy but felt I deserved the life of an extrovert……..The only time I minded being alone was when other people were there to see it.”

I think most people will find things they can relate to in Kate Le Vann’s writing.
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