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Warriors Boxed Set

Author: Erin Hunter

ISBN: 9780061284526
Description: When Firestar is leader, Thunderclan is suprised to fint dead rabbits on the path leading into there camp. Tigerstar, leader of Shadowclan has made led the dogs into there camp! Scourage, leader of Bloodclan had a allince with Tigerstar. When Tigerstar wants a battle but Scourage says no, Tigerstar is killed by Scourage in one swipe, all his nine lives are taken away at once. Then, when Firestar says to leave the forest, Scourage says no and the battle starts. All of the Forest clans are fighting against the small but very powerful bloodclan. Firestar loses his first life, and the forest clans win because of belief in starclan.

I love this book because I love the interaction with bloodclan, as I have never seen that before in the first 6 books. It was very detailed and I think other kids would like it because of the descriprive words and fun events.

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