Il giorno che dà senso a tutti gli altri

Rabbinato centrale Milano


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Facundo Colidio, striker Spring. Getty locked – In negotiations last summer Monchi desirable inserted in the pink, as well as Zaniolo, the goalkeeper Radu and the Argentine striker Colidio. The first was already promised to Genoa, the second had been paid too expensive to get a gain, however small.

So they were blocked today Radu holds in Serie A in the summer Marotta and aid will have to decide whether to exercise the right to “recompra” to 15 million, or leave it another year to Genoa (but then it will serve 18 million to take it back). Facundo Colidio is the holder of the attacker Madonna’s spring: it was bought by Boca Juniors 9.6 million (financial data), a heavy investment. With young Facundo has scored more in Youth League (5 goals) in the championship (2). Leggi tutto ›