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30 reactions to “Parent Plus Loan Eligibility, Denials, and Limits”

How often can a moms and dad make an application for a Parent Plus Loan?

Emilie Burke

Hi Keisha! Often, only once each year (or as soon as per semester). Hope that can help!


I have Chapter 13 bankruptcy that is released 24 months. We have reconstructed credit and have now 100% on time re re payments. Do you know the likelihood of getting a loan that is plus my son? If We appeal would be the opportunities greater?


Can I sign up for a moms and dad plus if the fafsa gets the pupil listed as independent

My son shall be 24 in might 2017. He’s got been going to an area Community College, full-time, and part time that is working. He can get AS level in might, and can go to University that is local to BS, while working in your free time. Is he considered reliant or separate pupil (nevertheless residing in the home); and certainly will we still obtain Parent Plus Loan via FASA.


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