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She included: “It’s a sweatshop in the usa. ”

She included: “It’s a sweatshop in the usa. ”

Melynda Johnson and Michelle Bennetti (from kept) worked for Cognizant for around nine months. Johnson calls the working office“a sweatshop in the us. ”

The job in Tampa is divided into five shifts, and desks are shared between employees day. Contractors we talked with stated they might often come to get results in order to find their workstation for your day in serious condition — experiencing boogers, fingernails, and hairs that are pubic among other products. The desks is cleaned whenever Facebook made one of the regular visits that are planned your website. At in other cases, workers explained, the working workplace had been filthy.

Florida legislation will not need companies to provide sick leave, and thus Cognizant employees who feel sick must instead make use of individual leave time. (they truly are issued five hours of individual leave per pay duration. ) lacking tasks are one of several reasons that are peekshows few frequently fires its contractors. So in order to prevent getting an “occurrence, ” due to the fact business calls absences that are unapproved contractors that have exhausted their break time come to get results sick — and occasionally vomit in trash cans regarding the manufacturing flooring.

A member of staff known as Lola* explained that health conditions had led to her getting therefore occurrences that are many is at danger of being fired. She began starting work even though she felt sick towards the true point of tossing up. Facebook contractors have to make use of web web browser expansion to report each time they utilize the restroom, but within an illness that is recent Lola quickly took all her allotted breaks. She had formerly been written up for visiting the restroom times that are too many she said, and thus she felt afraid to obtain up from her desk. A supervisor saw so she could vomit in it that she was not feeling well, and brought a trash can to her desk. Leggi tutto ›