Il giorno che dà senso a tutti gli altri

Rabbinato centrale Milano

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Facundo Colidio, striker Spring. Getty locked – In negotiations last summer Monchi desirable inserted in the pink, as well as Zaniolo, the goalkeeper Radu and the Argentine striker Colidio. The first was already promised to Genoa, the second had been paid too expensive to get a gain, however small.

So they were blocked today Radu holds in Serie A in the summer Marotta and aid will have to decide whether to exercise the right to “recompra” to 15 million, or leave it another year to Genoa (but then it will serve 18 million to take it back). Facundo Colidio is the holder of the attacker Madonna’s spring: it was bought by Boca Juniors 9.6 million (financial data), a heavy investment. With young Facundo has scored more in Youth League (5 goals) in the championship (2).

It is currently at the South American Under 20 with Argentina (first race on the bench), in the summer Inter will decide his future probably will be sent on loan to play. Ask Inter: “Regret Zaniolo? The sale happened because …” ON LOAN – With the same formula were sent to ripen around Italy and Europe a good number of players.

The two who are noting more and that the club will deal more “about” are Alessandro Bastoni, now at Parma, and Zinho Vanheusden at Standard Liege. The first is considered much more ready, and it is also linked by a huge burden on the balance sheet (31 million), making it a piece of the future almost obligatory. The second remains to watch, Belgium is doing well and sell it lightly could lead to regrets.

THE JOURNAL TV VIDEO investments – Zaniolo was an Inter investment, which withdrew dall’Entella 1.9 million. It was not the only one, and in this sense there are others so that even more money has been spent. For Marco Pompetti, talented but still “leggerino” midfielder Spring 4 million were paid to Pescara for Odgaard (inserted in the business Politano) 1.3 million for Mulattieri was preceded Juve with 1.2 million at Spezia.

Today the attacker is not “dominating” among young people, but before you sell it … Valerio Clari

February 2, 2019 – Napoli Marek Hamsik, 31 years. Lapresse going to happen on Monday could be the officer of Marek Hamsik transfer to Dalian, in China, for around 20 million euro. The captain of the records (of networks and appearances for Napoli) has virtually hailed today after the match won by the Azzurri on Sampdoria.

A round of moving field, tears in his eyes and the sad air of a farewell that was taking place under the eyes, stunned and disbelieving, of those present at the San Paolo. despair – Yes, because no one expected that Napoli listen right now, after market close, the Chinese sirens summer had already captivated Hamsik. Instead, to the dismay of the fans – very attached to their flag -, De Laurentiis decided to accept incoming million from Dalian and Hamsik maxi offer of an engagement by Nawab (nine million per year). He ends up 1xbet english app, and they all lived happily ever after, except blue supporters and – perhaps – that Ancelotti will have to make a virtue of necessity. THE JOURNAL VIDEO TV Gianluca Monti

March 2, 2019 – Milan, Bayern celebrates after a goal. First AFP. Almost. In the postponement of the 24th day of the Bundesliga Bayern Monaco with an imposing 5-1 away to Borussia Moenchenglach (Javi Martinez nets 2 ‘, Müller 11’, to Lewandowski 47 ‘and 90’ and Gnabry 75 ‘, needless to Stindl 37 ‘) and engages the Borussia Dortmund at the top of the table.

In Germany, however, in case of arrival on equal points, the title is awarded on the basis of goal difference: gialloneri currently are +31, the Bavarians to +29, which is why the team Kovac, for the moment, it is still second. The current Bayern, however, seems to have an extra gear compared to Dortmund.

THE JOURNAL VIDEO TV the race – probably galvanized by the defeat of Dortmund yesterday evening, the Bayern party suffered strong: after 30 seconds Lewandowski has a huge chance to score, but Sommer did well to save a corner. From the flag goes that James Javi fishing, bravo to detach the head of Elvedi and to pursue her.

11 ‘arrives, immediate, 2-0: Gnabry’s cross from the left side of the Gladbach defense forgets that Müller punt toward the door, but does not block para Sommer and Müller insists on goal. At 33 ‘Sommer saves the Borussia from 0-3: Gnabry of pocketed Lewandowski finds himself alone against Swiss goalie but he’s good outlet. On 37 ‘, surprisingly, the Gladbach reopen the game: Hazard sees the inclusion of Stindl is surprising Neuer with a shot at the near post.

In time, however, according to the Bayern back to push on the accelerator: Thiago wins a contrast in midfield and serves Lewandowski inside the area, the Polish is good to stop, turn around and kick in the door and made the 3-1. The Gladbach does not believe, can not create dangerous situations and for Bayern check the result is a breeze.

At 75 ‘comes even 4-1: Kimmich crossed from the right, Lewandowski’s header from inside the area but small para Sommer is the first conclusion that the Polish rebound, but was forced to surrender on Gnabry throw. At 90 ‘Kimmich is won a penalty (Hazard foul) Lewandowski realizes that securing the sull’1-5 result. Ends up, with Bayern recovered 3 points (and 4 goals in goal difference) to Dortmund hooking in the standings. And to think that the man of the match was the Gladbach goalkeeper.

The Bavarians, this year, had never managed to be so dominant. It can not be just a coincidence. other – Eintracht Frankfurt, Inter next opponent in the Champions League, beating Hoffenheim 3-2 in the match although Hütter coach has decided to play Rebic (in goal) and Jovic only one time each. With this victory the Frankfurt rose to -3 from fourth place occupied by Gladbach.

He also won the Leipzig (1-0 in Nuremberg) placed third. housewives Wins Leverkusen (2-0 to Freiburg) and Hertha (2-1 at Mainz). Crolla instead Schalke, humiliated in their own stadium in Dusseldorf. It ends 0-4, with the fans who, after the game, have entered the field and tore the captain’s armband from Stambouli arm and German who apologized under the curve. “It’s the least I can do in the field seemed paralyzed.” He also thinks the company, which this week could exonerate him. Elmar Bergonzini

June 12, 2015 – MilanoSognando the Tour: start Saturday on Gazzetta TV A ride in the Tour. A crackdown in the Tour of Italy. A round of riders, team managers, general manager, owner, mechanics, masseurs, ride bikes, racing, spectators, a ride of dreams, plans, hopes, illusions, delusions, satisfaction.

All milkshake as blending legs, feelings and emotions cycling, and also as a blend luck, more often bad luck, a puncture or a crash. four weeks – Saturday, June 13, at 12.30, on Gazzetta TV, channel 59, the first episode of Dreaming of the Giro, a docuserie (serial documentary) about cycling, conceived and produced by Japanese-Vini Fantini in collaboration with De Rosa, the Italian-Japanese team that participated in the Giro with Damiano Cunego winning captain – and not be a coincidence – the award for “fair play”. Eight episodes, each 24 minutes, sent on Saturday and Sunday for four weeks. dreaming of the hills around is (almost) back from  cunego in the hills – A story (the first episode premiered view) starting from winter meeting and through Strade Bianche and Gp Nobili, bursts in Sanremo, on the eve of the Tour of Italy , aim live 3500 km from the first to the last stage and revealing revealing, telling – in words and images, to pedal strokes and beats – the climate and the atmosphere, the spirit and the work of a team.

Poke a camera on a bike or on a bus, on the edge of a road or on the corner of a hairpin, before a flight or behind the group, during a refueling or meeting, and see how he does. A happy world of cycling – the sport is the toy department of life – but also tough, stressful, dangerous, exhausting, disciplined. And again: bright, colorful, fast, flying, acrobatic.

Berlato who trusts his joy and Cunego explaining his mission, Colli who takes lightly and Malaguti ironically, Giuliani plays along and Manzoni apologizing. With pace. With freshness.

With balance between news and entertainment, study and even teaching. Whistles and gestures, the strategy to win the theoretical value Stefano Giuliani zimbabwe-Italian – This is not the first time that cycling is reviewed as well.